The four most beautiful aquarium fish
Aquarium – fabulous underwater world in your home. The beauty of the aquarium is fascinating and allows you to forget your problems and worries, so many of those who once…

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Fish Karelia White sea Karelia
The beauty and pride of Karelia, the White sea, many Russian regions can boast a private sea. Let a small 90 sq m, not 340-60 meters deep, it is still…

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Sea - dog- Blennius sanguinolentus
Sea-dog (Blennius sanguinolentus) - a small fish squad okuneobraznyh often found in the Black sea. This fish bites, leaving a trail like a dog bite, for which he received its…

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Aquarium fish: gourami guppies to aquarium to Your Garden

Pets decorate our life, make it more diverse. Very popular are the aquarium fish. Indeed, the aquarium is the spectacular decoration of any home, besides fish do not require as much care as dogs or hamsters. They don’t need to walk, bathe, feed lots is also not required. But here it is necessary to know some peculiarities of functioning of this underwater world.

If you are just starting your tour of the aquarium, you will need to have fish, which do not require special care. These include guppies. These fish are omnivorous, although it is best to give them live food. To the ground and plants have specific requirements. Can live in ordinary three-liter jar. After some time you can even get offspring.

Swordsman. Fish bright red color. Native to southern Mexico. Fish is unpretentious, but likes fresh water, so it is necessary to monitor. Add the water a spoonful of salt, and the fish will feel fine.

If you want to see in your fish aquarium more beautiful and vivid, you need to pay attention to neons. This is a very beautiful fish. But they need grooming. They love to live among the plants, therefore plants in the aquarium must be present. Still need a bit of peat for water and dark soil.

Adorn the aquarium riceselect labyrinth. This cock, dwarf gourami, gourami, pearl gourami. Gourami is a beautiful fish gray, slightly shimmers in the light. Originating from Thailand. Undemanding, omnivorous, quietly gets on with other species. Pearl gourami is covered in beautiful white spots. Very well, but the water in which this fish can live should always be clean. Maybe beginners aquarists better to pay attention to the fish Cockerel – it is very unpretentious to the content. Still for gourami you need to look carefully.

You can also pay attention on fishes of the family comoving. This is a spotted catfish that eats anything and can live in an ordinary Bank, moreover, does not require aeration, that is, continuous aeration. The characteristic of the catfish – they dig in the ground, looking for food remnants, and vzbalamutil water. Catfish do not like bright light, preferring to hide under leaves and in the corners of the aquarium.

Of course, there’s a temptation to acquire beautiful instances – everyone would want his aquarium decorated with goldfish. But if you have no experience in breeding aquarium fish, as well as if you are on a budget, then it is better not to do. Goldfish – create a very gentle, they like very warm water, large space, live feed. For them to constantly care for. Therefore, it is best to breed guppies and swordtails. Little hassle, and a living area the house has.

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