White residue on aquarium fish, the main causes and methods of treatment
Treat the RAID on the fish All living beings suffer. Aquarium fish is no exception. They also are violations of the functioning of the body. The sooner you notice the…

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Som. Useful properties, composition, calorific value, harm, and contraindications
European catfish or Wels catfish is among the largest fish. Sometimes reaching gigantic fish from family somovyh can attack people who get near his habitat. The catfish has an elongated…

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Fish Karelia White sea Karelia
The beauty and pride of Karelia, the White sea, many Russian regions can boast a private sea. Let a small 90 sq m, not 340-60 meters deep, it is still…

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The rules and the secrets of finding fish, how and where to look for the predatory fish in a big pond, where to find perch, pike, Zander

Search of predatory fish in a big pond

Catching predatory fish on the big lake is perceived by many fishermen as finding a needle in a haystack. When first standing on the shore of a large lake, a natural question arises: where is the hidden predator? Huge water surface discourages many fishermen, and they prefer to catch in a visible ponds and small streams. However, it is large bodies of water often hide a large predatory fish. They only need to find. Knowledge of several starting points and rules easy to find. Guided by the find predators on the big pond much easier.

Watch the time of year and day

The General rule is that the colder the water, the deeper fish. Bass, pike and perch in the winter probably should look for the deeper areas of the reservoir.When the lake warms up in the spring, predators are more in smaller areas and stay there during the summer months, only in the fall they again go into the ground. Therefore, in the cold season to get to predators, you will need a boat and long throws. The details depend on the time of day.

During the day the fish often hold in deeper water, and night and morning they go out to hunt in shallow water. We should not forget about the factor of sunlight. In summer, the best shady spots and in winter the better fish caught on bright sun-lit areas, as the water here warms up faster.

Look for the fish that feed

Predatory fish are where there is accumulation of forage fish. If at any part of lake white fish playing on the surface, feel free to go there. Predators are nearby. A good indicator of the presence of forage fish waterfowl. Where gulls and terns are active, where prey and predators. Legendary was the so-called “perch pot”. Seagulls dive in and grab fish, groupers kicked to the surface. This performance can be seen from afar. On seeing him, immediately throw bait there, and bent the arc of the spinning is guaranteed.

Analyze Bank

While walking along the coastal zone in zapadnih boots, are sometimes able to find places to fish by spinning. The Cape and Islands in most cases continue a scythe under water. You can always count on catching fish.

Do not leave without attention and the edge. With cloudless skies can be seen deep zone, where the water is darker, and zones of shallow water is lighter.

The foot edge, in many cases, is too “hot” spots. At quarry lakes, where the gravel is extracted, you should Troll the area around the dredger. There the bottom profile is very variable, magically attracts predators. You should always fish the shore toward which the wind blows. Here is washed out natural food that attracts fish, and followed and predators.

Look for hard bottom

Experience found that the perches avoid areas with a muddy bottom. There predators find shelter, which can immediately attack. Finding the area with hard rocky bottom, I mounted vibrohvost length of 7-10 cm on a jig-head 7-15 gr. Such a combination comfortable to throw, and the angler can use more radius of action than with bulky silicone baits. In addition, such willingly take lures and pike and large perch and pike, so don’t forget to put the steel line between the lure and the main fishing line. It is in the big lake big pike is more than in the river.

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