Tropical marine fish
Angelfish Angelfish are a tropical family of marine fish squad Okuneobraznyh. Do not confuse angelfish with sea angels — a special type of sharks they are in a relationship. To…

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Fish ruff
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The speckled corydoras
Help the aquarists answer their questions! Corydoras the speckled, the speckled catfish (Corydoras paleatus). One of the first South American species that became successfully bred in aquariums, even in the…

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Eat the fish of the sea: benefits for marine fish

Now we eat too many so-called omega-6 fats at the expense of omega-3. Without going into details, say that to improve the situation is possible by increasing the consumption of aquatic products from fish, especially from the one that lives in cold seas. In this case, the missing body fats in the water the fish are contained in a form most suitable for absorption.

Most valuable species of fish: herring, mackerel (mackerel), salmon, trout, tuna, halibut, cod, chum salmon, hake, salmon, herring, flounder, water perch, eel, anchovies, mullet, sturgeon, and squid. By the way, these same fat exist in different water plants.

Fats such as omega-3 are fish in the river, but in incomparably smaller amounts.

Preferably not frozen, and fresh fish.Frost deprives it of the required 50 percent fat. A large share is lost by the way, by salting and Smoking. In addition, greater benefit from fish oil, if fish grew in the wild and not in different fish farms as very important, than she ate.

Canned food preferably in the presence of vegetable oil. Canned in its own juice or in any aqueous solution contain less seriously fats such as omega-3. When cooking fish is better to cook or bake, frying unichtozheniya fats.

Drinking water fish in sufficient number reduces the risk of diseases of heart, vessels and circulatory system. Moreover, it is useful to maintain the health of the skin. To take water fish need at least once, preferably up to 3, per week.

Of course, allergic reactions to fish or seafood is also a contraindication, which cannot be broken. However, in the absence of Allergy to abandon water fish is not worth it.

Also, when cooking fish is to do without animals fats or so-called hydrogenated. Butter, sour cream or mayonnaise as an additive to the water of unwanted fish. Moreover, should not be overloaded with animal fats and a side dish when drinking water fish. The body is unacceptable.

Of course, the kelp — fish is, however, not to mention it is impossible. Its use is not subject to doubt. But you must be careful when purchasing water cabbage in the package. Probably, the use of preservatives destroyed all the nutrients in this valuable product.

British health workers conducted an experiment in which one group of patients recommended to take in food more water fish, especially fatty. Registered that in this group there was a decline in mortality more than 30 percent. Thus, increased consumption of various fruits, vegetables and herbs almost did not lead to a positive result, as the reduction in the number of food animals fats. So, it is clear that oily fish caught at sea, without a doubt element of a healthy diet.

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