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Ornamental fish the distant past – the inhabitants of tropical rivers. Their breeding began in Ancient Egypt, and the number of species of aquarium fish has hundreds and hundreds, because…

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Aquarium fish: gourami guppies to aquarium to Your Garden
Pets decorate our life, make it more diverse. Very popular are the aquarium fish. Indeed, the aquarium is the spectacular decoration of any home, besides fish do not require as…

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The speckled corydoras
Help the aquarists answer their questions! Corydoras the speckled, the speckled catfish (Corydoras paleatus). One of the first South American species that became successfully bred in aquariums, even in the…

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Sea catfish

Close relatives of this fish, mostly inhabiting African waters, of the ancient Egyptians was considered something of a fish of the gods that protect fish from getting into your network: it’s quite sensitive to electrical impulses, which literally knocks the prey from the fishermen, thereby releasing all of the fish back into the pond.

Regarding sea soma, which is in high esteem among fans of bold and delicate fish.

Marine com – source of proteins and saturated fatty acids, representing great value for the human body, therefore it is a must have to those who bear considerable physical and mental exertion, pregnant women, and followers of protein power systems.

Such systems, for example, the Dukan diet: the foods allowed on various stages of this diet must be high protein and easily digestible.

Sea som: what kind of fish is it and is it worth cooking?

The marine catfish is virtually no different from the familiar river: the same moustache and the almost complete absence of scales with the only difference that it lives in the tropical and subtropical waters, although it may perfectly exist and in warm rivers.

Catfish (sea and river) – large (up to one and a half meters and weighing 20-25 kg) benthic predator, feeding on small fish. Meat is devoid of small stones, but when cutting the fish need to be very storagenames the sharp spikes present in the thoracic and dorsal fins.

In the fish departments of supermarkets and shops sea catfish is sold already cut and frozen so that for the preparation of the carcass you just need to fully defrost.

Sea catfish cooked in different ways: in the complex include salads, fried, boiled in water and steamed, and smoked marine catfish fillet is considered a real delicacy.

Good sea catfish and grilled without the use of vegetable oil, as called for in the diet Ducane: stages “Attack” and “Cruise” requires the roasting products only on a dry pan or in their own juice.

Here’s a little culinary trick that helps to repel the smell of Tina this fish: it’s enough to withstand the carcass in milk or citric acid solution for several hours.

How useful marine catfish?

Despite the high fat content (about five percent), from meat soma getting fat no one has ever managed: the fat these light and digestible. Protein, which forms a fifth of its chemical composition, almost equivalent to meat, but because meat soma nutritionists often recommend as a cheap alternative to beef, chicken and pork.

Phosphorous, b vitamins, vitamins a (retinol), C and PP (nicotinic acid), meat sea catfish even more useful, so it is certainly worth a try – surely you will appreciate it.

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