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Catfish ancistrus

Catfish have a rather unusual body structure, protected by a bony plates on the head are protuberances, especially pronounced and branched in males. The mouth of these fish, also very unusual, it resembles a suction Cup and has a horn plate, with them, the catfish ancistrus is attached to rocks, driftwood, plants, etc. are held to flow easily, scratches out the various types of algal fouling.

Kgs the color can be from light grey to almost black, as compared to receive a large number of ancistrus variety of colors, including albino and veil tail forms. Size of fish depends on the size of the reservoir in which they are kept, on average, 5 to 15 centimeters, sometimes there are instances of larger. The lifetime is about 6 years depending on the conditions of detention kgs.

The content of the catfish ancistrus

Although catfishes ancistrus quite undemanding and can survive in adverse conditions, you need to provide them with comfortable conditions for life. Aquarium for keeping these catfish desirable rate of not less than 100 liters per individual. Temperature in the range of 22-26 degrees Celsius, pH 6.5-7.5 water hardness up to 15 gr. It is very desirable to create in an aquarium imitatation of the flow using aquarium pumps and (or) aeration, it is also desirable to establish filtration. Necessary regular water changes of about 20-30 % of the volume of the aquarium every week.

The lighting in the aquarium is of fundamental importance for the content of the ancistrus has not, it may be, and how bright is necessary for growing plants and moderate. In any case, you need the fish to ensure a sufficient number of shelters from rocks, driftwood or vegetation plants. The presence of snags when the content of these soms need, this can be any wood species used in aquariums, the fact is that ancistrus need the cellulose contained in the wood.

In addition to food catfish algae fouling, ancistrus can feed lettuce, cabbage very fond of cucumbers and zucchini. Also used for feed pelletized feed of different manufacturers for bottom fish. Catfish actively choose from the bottom of uneaten food, not eaten by other fish, thereby acting as a kind of shiners in the aquarium.

Breeding ancistrus catfish .

As already stated above, males differ from females by distinctive growths on the head. The ancistrus reach maturity after a year. Soma choose a secluded place, for example under the snag. The stimulus for spawning may serve as a large than usual water change, as well as the reduction in atmospheric pressure while increasing the temperature to 24-28 degrees Celsius. The female lays about 200 eggs, with the eggs and fry for the first time, as a rule, caring male.

If you haven’t decided on the purchase of the catfish ancistrus . safely make these very interesting behavior and an unusual appearance of aquarium fish. You will not stay indifferent for long to bind him.

Several small videos about ancistrus .

Ancistrus on the log.

Ancistrus eats the zucchini with a fork.

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