The fish of the sea language: useful properties, cooking
The sole Sole – fish, which belongs to the family of the Solea, flatfish unit. Comfortable environment for her sea are subtropical and tropical. In marine language has another name…

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The underwater world of the red sea
The underwater world of the red sea The red sea is a unique tropical sea with a variety in size and beauty the representatives of the underwater world. Its uniqueness…

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Som. Features and habits
The representative of the family somovyh. Is characterized by bare, not covered with scales body, a large head with two long antennae, a long anal fin reaching the caudal. Catfish…

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The most expensive aquarium fish in the world

The most expensive aquarium fish in the world, perhaps, is – a rare platinum arowanas. This 40 centimeter graceful establishment is owned by the Singapore breeder Aro Dynasty. But why this fish has such an incredible cost? That is because of its flawless body color fish without a single blemish. Exactly, rare coloration makes platinum the most expensive arowanas in the world of aquarium fish.

Its unique color platinum Aravan acquired as a result of natural mutations. This kind of South American Aravan got the name Osteoglossum. She is the pride of the owners of elite aquaria. So highly valued only representatives of this species, other species of arowanas usually are much cheaper. All expensive aquarium fish, one way or another, exclusive.

Often the uniqueness has to pay a lot of money, and, in spite of this, many people prefer to buy expensive exclusive copies only from reputable dealers. Sometimes it happens that a particular mutation makes them the rarest of the rare. In this case the price is just insane.

It is a unique mutation made platinum arowanas the most expensive aquarium fish on earth. She has an impeccable plain white color even in the area of the back of characterts Aravan. A few years ago, the British importers of this fish was offered for 200 000, but this magazine was rejected.

A rare species of platinum Aravan is extraordinarily beautiful and graceful. To keep its acquisition not even a defect of the right eye, which mows down a bit. This common flaw Aravan acquired because of keeping them in captivity, where the food floats past in the water column and not on top of its surface. In nature these fish with surprising grace jump out of the water to catch the live feed. They say that the owners of expensive arowanas fish subjected to cosmetic surgery, righting it is an acquired defect.

Incredibly, the owner of the Aravan, the breeder of sea horses, was the proposed price for the fish in 80 000$, but he refused to sell it. Dino Dynasty said that the rare fish are now not sold. This unique Aravan is the only one not only in Singapore, but all over the world. Collectors of rare fish species very concerned about this statement because to see the unique platinum arowanas in among its live exhibits like many, in spite of its high cost.

As works of art, this fish is expensive, and if some collector will still be able to get exclusive Aravan, the price will immediately increase. Such instance certainly would be the pride and favorite of even the most unique of the collection. Naturally, the owner of rare Aravan would instantly acquired world-wide fame, a collectible among the elite.

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