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Aquarium fish swordtails

Aquarium fish swordtails are popular fish for home detention. These fish are known for its rich color, as well as an interesting caudal fin, similar to a sword. Aquarium swordtails live in harmony with all other types of fish that are not aggressive to them.

To contain swordsmen can groups and pairs . For one pair of swordtails enough tank of 10 liters, the same group of swordsmen to 10 individuals will need an aquarium of 50 l. In nature swordtails can grow up to 10-12 cm, but aquarium swordtails usually grow less. Swordtails are viviparous fish: the females can breed up to 200 fry.

Aquarium fish swordtails in nature are green, but at home there are white, red, gold, ruby, black and other colours of these fish. Characteristic sword-shaped appendage on the tail are found only in males. Females are usually larger than males, colored more pale . In Mature specimens the female is clearly visible “maturity spot” near the anal fin.

Swordtails are best kept in an aquarium that is extended in length and densely planted. Plants need small-leaved reaching the surface of the water. Swordtails usually try to keep the middle and upper layers of the water in the aquarium. Swordtails fish can jump out of the water,so the aquarium in their content definitely should be covered with glass.

Choosing fish-swordtails for your aquarium, consider that the group should be more females than males . Males should be larger than 2, otherwise they will always fight for the championship.

It is noteworthy that in the conditions of prolonged detention without males, females can change sex to become males . But at birth their gender the fry will depend on the temperature of the contents. If the water in the aquarium has a temperature closer to 30°C, offspring in the ratio of females to males is 1:10. If the water temperature closer to 20°C, the ratio will be reversed.

Water parameters for keeping the sword are as follows . gH to 25°, preferably about 15°; pH 7,0 – 7,5; t° 20 – 25 °C. Water is necessary to replace regularly: at least once a week pour a third of the old water and then fill the tank with fresh. Water is necessary to aerate.

Aquarium fish swordtails hardy and eat almost any food . Newly born fry can be fed infusoria, nematodes, rotifers and other live food. Adults eat both live food and dry, the sword is also useful herbal supplements: if there are no additives, they begin to consume the leaves of plants in the aquarium.

To aquarium fish swordtails did not hurt, even when buying these fish you need to conduct a thorough review of them. It is important that the bodies of the fish was not white or gun residue, minor rashes, ulcers. All these signs indicate the presence of diseases in fish. For the prevention acquired fish . before release into the aquarium, it is better to hold in salted water (1 tbsp salt per 1 liter of water) for 15-20 minutes. This “bath” will help to clean the outer skin of the fish from pathogens.

The sword — fish are beautiful, moving . To longer please you, try to preserve them, care for them, take care of the maintenance of the necessary conditions. Then the fish swordtails will be a real decoration of your aquarium!

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