Sea - dog- Blennius sanguinolentus
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The four most beautiful aquarium fish
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The fish of the sea language: useful properties, cooking
The sole Sole – fish, which belongs to the family of the Solea, flatfish unit. Comfortable environment for her sea are subtropical and tropical. In marine language has another name…

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Fish ruff

In the post-Soviet space ruff rare in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Baltic States, Kazakhstan, Russia. This species, which belong to the family percidae, very widespread in all territory of the Russian Federation, excluding its Northern part and far East.

This schooling fish lives in large ponds, rivers, lakes, quarries. Ruff prefers places with clean sandy bottom, although it can be found anywhere on the pond.

Ruff – fish is small, its average size is 7-10 cm, and weight not more than 100 g. Indeed, it is very similar to a brush, especially when it is taken out of the water. He immediately takes a pose of intimidation – will raise the spiny dorsal fin, the fins will straighten and bend his tail to the side.

Considered a predatory fish, leading a crepuscular and nocturnal. A flock of ruffs avoid sunlight, preferring most of the day to spend in the shade of the trees, grass, steep banks.

The best places to catch them – pits and small holes edge and other irregularities of the bottom. They can be found in the snags, grass, dams, piles of bridges, baths.

In the first year of life they feed on small clams, crustaceans, insect larvae, worms, leeches they are looking for in the bottom layer. When Yorsh grows, perehodite fish trifle. During spawning in large numbers destroys the eggs of other inhabitants of the pond. Because of eating caviar is very severely affected populations of other fishes.

The ruffs puberty occurs at 2-3 years of age. Although in some waters they spawn in the second year of life. Spawning of these fish begins in April and ends in early summer. Depending on the size of one female lays from 4,000 to tens of thousands of eggs.

Despite this seemingly powerful protection in the form of thorns, the ruff hunting pike, Zander, burbot and even large groupers. A very peculiar hunting them som. Disguised in the grass where these spiny fish looking for a feed, catfish waiting for the flocks, and, after letting it for a certain distance, draws them into its mouth, and the helpless fish even I can’t understand anything.

In winter flocks of brushes remain active, moving around the pond in search of food. For this reason it is a popular place for ice fishing. This fish is very unpretentious, biting almost all “animals” bait. Most often on a hook nasazhivajut painfully familiar worm, motylja, oparysha. More about catching fish that you can read here .

But if this fish gets the hook in the summer, the fishermen, as a rule, not very happy.

Meat, a ruff is very useful, it contains large amounts of protein and useful minerals. The most famous dish in which you use these fish – ear. And cooking this fine fish don’t even have to clean – just enough to disembowel.

No less delicious – fish in a clay pot, sprats.

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