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Fishing for carp and carp in winter

Our conversation today in these videos, go on: carp fishing in winter and carp.

Get winter in “cool” great day fishing great luck.

It then hoped leaders of “a Cool place” experienced anglers Vladimir Struev together with Roman Butuzov, going to another pond to catch carp and carp, namely Mazursky pond. It’s a big pond, submerged at the base of the river, is located on the territory of Kaluga region, Borovsk district, between the villages Seredinskii and Korosteleva, and it inhabits only three species of fish: crucian, carp and pike .

The glory about this pond has spread far beyond the borders of the Kaluga region and it is not about the trophies or even the number of its inhabitants. The secret of fame Meguri, a unique opportunity to catch an unusual fish for the winter.

Mazursky pond pond paid, although the price in the winter are purely symbolic.

In the summer it turns into a real anthill and fishing when small crucians overshadow weighty carp, the cost of visiting the pond increases significantly. However, anglers not deterred. In winter here during the day you can catch 5-7 kg carp, and in summer even more. The pond is not very deep, glubina two, two and a half meters.

Carp by itself in summer and in winter, the fish are capricious and is one of the most common game species. It is found virtually everywhere where there is water.

Carp is so simple, how capricious and fastidious and there is no such reservoir, where its habits and the habits are similar. This is because carp is omnivorous fish, it feeds on both animal and vegetable food, sediments, and sludge are also included in the diet of crucian. In other words, carp eats everything.

It would seem that it may be easier for carp, because most of the fishermen started fishing personal fishing career with small crucians, and perhaps each of them could tell about his habits and methods of catching this fish. However, all these stories will be about fishing in the summer, crucian carp in winter from under the ice, the case is quite different. Not too many anglers could boast of stable capture of large carp in the winter.

For Vladimir and the Novel is not an easy task in the winter to catch some unusual fish, unusual for the winter weather, and even on an unknown body of water.

Vladimir decides to start fishing with your favorite bezmetallny the jig with grafting bloodworms because when fishing for carp in winter is important not only the form of the lure, but the smell coming from the nozzle. In carp fishing, not lure. Roman, on the contrary, caught carp, prikarmlivat his bloodworms.

When caught without bait, in order to determine there is in this place carp or not, only two, three Postings. If there is no takes better go looking for him further.

Main nozzle for fishing carp and carp in winter is — crank. The bite from carp and carp in winter is quite delicate.

The number of carp in this pond is smaller than carp, but caught “the large companies” up to 10 kg.

Mazurska fishing on the pond was held in early February, the temperature is -2 degrees Celsius, an air pressure of 746 mmHg. PT, cloudy, wind West — 3-4 m/c.

How was this exotic winter fishing for carp, you will learn from a video in which Vladimir and Roman will chat with the fishermen, show and tell, tackle used when fishing for carp in winter, wiring techniques and many useful and interesting for the Fisher information.

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