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Pond fish farming is an economic sector, aimed to the breeding of fast growing species of fish in specially constructed or adapted for the ponds. It also includes such things…

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White residue on aquarium fish, the main causes and methods of treatment
Treat the RAID on the fish All living beings suffer. Aquarium fish is no exception. They also are violations of the functioning of the body. The sooner you notice the…

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What to do if stung by a jellyfish: the jellyfish Burn, the bite of a jellyfish, first aid

On the Black sea, of course, the jellyfish are not dangerous such as in the Mediterranean or even in the sea of Japan, no krestovnikov (sea wasp) or Portuguese ships are you will not meet, so the mortal danger in the warm seas washing the Russian Federation for You are expected.

However kornerot (blue or yellowish with a pronounced beard) and Aurelia aurita (a small saucer-like creation resembles a lens with a fringe around the perimeter and a small poorly pronounced tail), is quite common, especially after a storm, or in calm weather. Sometimes in a Balaclava or even in the artillery Bay of Sevastopol invasion of the jellyfish is transformed into the accumulation of millions of animals, but it happens in the breeding season, coming somewhat later.

Both jellyfish are harmless to humans, Aurelia almost no stinging, if only in the eyes will not fall or intimate areas of thin skin, and kornerot, of course, can deliver several unpleasant minutes, or hours . depending on how you react to stinging cells of jellyfish and their active substances.

For children Yes, for children burns from jellyfish inhabiting our waters is unpleasant and can cause an allergic reaction, so antihistamines should bring even those who have no known allergic reactions. Kids love to jump on jellyfish, so that the burn can be obtained dostatochnymi and even all over his face.

Will be reasonable before going to sea to learn what to do if you are stung by the jellyfish. The rules of first aid received a burn jellyfish is better to remember always not to be in a situation when you don’t know what to do. Because the effects of the jellyfish sting can not only ruin the whole holiday by the sea, but also to be very poor.

If you are stung by the jellyfish

Most jellyfish hide her seductive body jelly-like stinging cells – nematocyte, which produce the venom needed by the jellyfish for protection from enemies and killing prey. Nematocyte contain the smallest intracellular structures – the nematocysts (the capsule rolled in it in the form of a spiral hollow filament). When you touch the jellyfish, they act as a harpoon: shoot, are fixed to the skin and inject subtle channel in the body of the victim the poison of neuroparalytic action. Threat could be contact with and separated from the jellyfish’s tentacles. After touching stinging cells remain on the skin and continue to provide the portions of the poison, the person receives burns and severe pain, until the shock of pain.

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