Tropical marine fish
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The speckled corydoras
Help the aquarists answer their questions! Corydoras the speckled, the speckled catfish (Corydoras paleatus). One of the first South American species that became successfully bred in aquariums, even in the…

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Types of marine aquariums
Any Marine aquarium leaves a lasting impression, and correctly made and decorated will be the main decoration of Your house. Moreover, we must remember that throughout the world it is…

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Seahorse, lifestyle, reproduction


In tropical, subtropical and temperate seas there are wonderful animals seahorses. It belongs to the class of bony fish. But looking at it, is it going to say? This wonderful inhabitant of the seas to the unusual fact that has long been considered a fabulous creation.

Chooses shallow, well warmed by the sun, rich in aquatic vegetation and coral. Dodger great is masked in the leaves of algae, due to its appearance and color. His body is a spiked, leathery ribbon-like outgrowths, all of it is of great help for masking. Can change their color in the tone and color of aquatic plants.

Clinging flexible tail to stems of seaweed or coral, he gently sways along with plants. Who the hell would find there? In contrast to the fish. the body is covered with scales and plates, lacking ventral and caudal fins. He has no teeth and has to eat by ingestion of food along with water through its tubular stigmas.

His body is vertically placed instead of horizontally, like all fish. This is because the swim bladder is located along the torso. Head swimming bubble, separated from the body – abdominal lighter, so it floats in that position. And he swims slowly, vibrating dorsal fin, which in one second just 35 strokes.

The eyes are large, and can simultaneously look in different directions. Such an opportunity has been given to him, probably due to the fact that he can’t turn his head right and left. This wonderful fish can only nod. The size of the smallest skate – 2.5 cm, he lives in the Gulf of Mexico; and the large Malay sea horse size 25cm.

Despite its fabulous view, he’s a predator. Feeds on small fishes, planktonic crustaceans and small marine animals. Enemies from from weird fish is almost there. Who wants to eat tasteless, bony, and handsome? Unless the rays or crabs. To crack, or to crack the seahorse is not so simple. If the fish swallow it by accident or by hunting, it will spit you out.

The most interesting thing in the life of seahorses is the reproduction. This kind of suffering for all males, the male fate of the gestation and birth of offspring. After the ritual of Dating and dancing, the fish are closely pressed to each other. The female manages to throw a few eggs in the opened pocket of a male. Such PA, they can do a few times until you are filled with eggs pocket the future Pope.

In his pocket the eggs are fertilized, the development of the offspring. And germs can be from 2 to 900. The male bears the offspring from 3 to 7 weeks, the stomach grows very large. At birth the fry, daddy is having a hard time, he may even die. A newborn has a length of 6 mm. the Baby clings by its tail to the seaweed and begins a new life. To become adults the following year. Live seahorses, about 5 years.

Class – Bony fish

Squad – Coloscopie

Family – Needle

Rhode seahorse

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