The speckled corydoras
Help the aquarists answer their questions! Corydoras the speckled, the speckled catfish (Corydoras paleatus). One of the first South American species that became successfully bred in aquariums, even in the…

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The largest marine predator on the planet
Sea predators. Most large marine life. American scientists have found that the largest marine predator in the history of the Earth was a giant sperm whale that lived in the…

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Catfish ancistrus
Catfish have a rather unusual body structure, protected by a bony plates on the head are protuberances, especially pronounced and branched in males. The mouth of these fish, also very…

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Pond fish farming

Pond fish farming is an economic sector, aimed to the breeding of fast growing species of fish in specially constructed or adapted for the ponds. It also includes such things as selection and breeding work, the use of intensive technologies of cultivation of fish and acclimatization of new species.

The history of pond fish farms in our territories is rooted in the XIII century Already then to St. Sergius monastery were built by the famous Skete of the ponds. Already then it became clear that to breed the fish much easier and more efficient, although fishing was still the main method of its production.

Artificial ponds for breeding fish are divided into reservoirs and ponds. Reservoirs have multi-year flow regulation and water storage. Ponds – annual (which is a big advantage). Pond fish can have a size from 0.1 hectares or more, the productivity of small ponds is much higher as for large water areas to look harder. Nasushchnye ponds oshivayutsya method of pumping water.

As for fish, the importance of the water temperature, in Russia were specially selected 7 areas of pond fish farming (the number of Sunny days in a year). It is much easier to select the type of pond and types of fish for breeding in opredelennosti.

Pond fish farming is of two types: warm and cold. The first mainly specializes in breeding heat-loving fish species: carp, carp, carp, pike, sterlet, carp, predatory fish species (pike, catfish, sturgeon, etc.) and the Second – on the breeding of brown and rainbow trout. Thermophilic fish prefer ponds with stagnant, warm water with moderate aquatic vegetation. Cold-feel well in clean running water with a high concentration of oxygen. Perfect location – mountain river.

Warm-water farms today are the most promising and profitable. The main type of heat-loving fish grown in ponds is the common carp and its hybrids. Thing about their breeding is that for most carp among fish farming fish farming processes is missing. Their larvae are either harvested in the rivers, or bought in specialized farms. This so-called napoleonienne farms. In full-system farm for breeding fish undergoes a complete cycle from eggs to adult fish.

The economic benefits of pond fish farming is that it is grown in a small period of time, with the latest technology, enables the catch of fish, it does not require industrial processing, its quality is monitored at all stages of cultivation. In addition, the dilution can be performed directly in places of consumption of fish (reducing transportation costs).

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