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Breeding carp in the garden pond – Small neighbours – All about country – SNT Topolek

Everything about the cottage

Carp is one of the most popular fish among anglers. In natural conditions it lives in lakes, rivers and bogs almost throughout Russia. But carp can easily settle in a pond on the plot. Breeding carp in the garden pond – it is not only interesting but also profitable. You can get pleasure from catching fish on a rod, and then cook them a delicious meal.

Carp is easily distinguished from its relatives, the carp fish. He has no antennae. And even two species of carp can not be confused. The Golden carp is much wider than silver and the color is dark Golden and even reddish-Golden color. The silver carp has a more elongated torso. The scales of the fish is really silver in color, sometimes has a blackish tint.

For breeding carp in a garden pond such an interesting fact. It turns out females silver carp in any body of water considerably larger than males. This does not prevent them to multiply again and produce only females. To do this, they use the milk of other fish – tench, carp, carp and, of course, Golden carp.

Winter carp can and in the garden pond, if the layer of unfrozen water will be not less than 1 meter. In order to give the goldfish to suffocate, in winter it is desirable to make the hole in the ice and wrap them with straw. Best results will be achieved the flow of air from the aerator. Admission kisloroda small garden pond is necessary for products of fish waste that had accumulated during the summer, not poisoned water. The easiest method bundles of reeds frozen in ice. Tubular stems leak air.

If such conditions for wintering of crucian carp to provide the fail, it is possible to transplant in the winter in a barrel, tub or other suitable container, which can be equipped with filters to change water sterilizers and aerators.

Planted in a garden pond carp in winter buries itself in the mud and falls asleep. With the arrival of spring, waking up, going in flocks and begins to walk around the pond. When the water warms above 14 degrees, carp begin to spawn.

What to feed carp in the garden pond

Natural food for carp are duckweed, algae, bloodworms and other animals living on the bottom of the pond. Garden pond, especially recently excavated, are low in the flora and fauna and fish need to feed.

For breeding goldfish in the garden pond in specialized stores there are certain types of food enriched air (floated on the water surface and do not pollute the pond bottom). Feed the fish preferably at the same time. Feed with flakes give the carp a little, otherwise it will sink to the bottom and is not eaten will start to rot there.

Spring, code the carp woke up, give them more feed than in summer. In the heat of the fish eats less and is satisfied that she is in the pond. In autumn, when the water temperature drops below 10 degrees, feed the carp stop.

Well in the summer, waking up early in the morning to go fishing and catch in your own garden pond a few carp to a country Breakfast.

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