Top 10 most bizarre sea creatures - Latest world news - Infernal vampire squid lives in the area with a minimal amount of oxygen dissolved in water, and the weight - Japanese crab-spider is 20 kg
The frilled shark The frilled shark is a species of the genus frilled sharks of the same family. These sharks like strange sea snake or eel than other sharks. Inhabits…

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The most expensive aquarium fish in the world
The most expensive aquarium fish in the world, perhaps, is – a rare platinum arowanas. This 40 centimeter graceful establishment is owned by the Singapore breeder Aro Dynasty. But why…

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Catfish ancistrus
Catfish have a rather unusual body structure, protected by a bony plates on the head are protuberances, especially pronounced and branched in males. The mouth of these fish, also very…

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How to care for aquarium fish. Aquarium design and design, copyright clearance and maintenance of aquarium

Every kind of aquarium fish bred for life in certain conditions which the owner must ensure that the closed environment of the aquarium. Unless, of course, cares about their well-being and health.

Every kind of aquarium fish bred for life in certain conditions which the owner must ensure that the closed environment of the aquarium. Unless, of course, cares about their well-being and health.

The arrangement of the aquarium.

Before you bought the fish put into the tank, should clarify the type of soil, quantity and type of plants, temperature and water hardness, light. The whole list of conditions needs to be done in accordance with the requirements for the comfort of those varieties of fish that will be here to dwell.

It is recommended to think of a suitable for your aquarium cover glass or fine mesh to prevent the possible consequences of jumping fish or the criminal activities of the master cat.

The content of fish.

Before you start the fish in a new aquarium should withstand a one-week waiting period. It’s time for the final test capacity for strength and the successful establishment of the fish inside the desired microclimate. Appear sustainable relationships between soil, plants, water and living microorganisms in it.The aquarium is no longer just a vessel with water, it acquires the features of real life.

In order for fish to feel relaxed, not superfluous will think about putting it in the aquarium additional items that mimic natural hiding place – underwater castles, sunken ships, even a simple wooden snags. For the owner it is the subtle items of decoration, for fish – a place that promises safety, which is necessary for their psychological comfort.

Feeding the fish.

Try to keep a steady feeding schedule: two or three times a day at certain times, precisely calibrated amount of feed. Fish, like most animals, are well aware of the sense of proportion and eat as much as is required for saturation. Excessive feed remains in the water and begins to rot. Fish can be fed more often, but smaller portions. With any number of feedings feed consumption per day should remain unchanged.

The feed is distributed evenly in the aquarium. In case if some fish remain nepokorennye, not having time to share, it’s possible their deaths or even cases of cannibalism in the aquarium.

For proper development and healthy life of the fish needs to obtain not only qualitative, but also a variety of food. Especially fastidious species of fish, which can just abandon the boring food.

Aquarium design – Aquarium Design

The aquarium – as a medicine against stress

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