Types of marine aquariums
Any Marine aquarium leaves a lasting impression, and correctly made and decorated will be the main decoration of Your house. Moreover, we must remember that throughout the world it is…

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Varieties sea fishing
Most people who vacation on a yacht, boat or boat, I love fishing. And it is one of the most popular activities. In most bodies of water are just incredible…

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What to do if stung by a jellyfish: the jellyfish Burn, the bite of a jellyfish, first aid
On the Black sea, of course, the jellyfish are not dangerous such as in the Mediterranean or even in the sea of Japan, no krestovnikov (sea wasp) or Portuguese ships…

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Top 10 most bizarre sea creatures – Latest world news – Infernal vampire squid lives in the area with a minimal amount of oxygen dissolved in water, and the weight – Japanese crab-spider is 20 kg

The frilled shark

The frilled shark is a species of the genus frilled sharks of the same family. These sharks like strange sea snake or eel than other sharks. Inhabits the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This rare species is found at the outer edge of the continental shelf and upper continental slope at a depth of 1570 m. due to the presence of primitive features frill shark is called a “living fossil”. The maximum recorded length of 2 m. Color dark brown. The frilled shark breeds besplatnoe the birth. Pregnancy lasts up to 3.5 years, this is the longest period known among vertebrates. The jaws of the frilled sharks are greatly stretched and allow them to swallow prey half their own length.

Hellish vampire squid

Hell of a vampire or hellish vampire squid is a small deep-sea cephalopod mollusk –detritofag living in temperate and tropical waters of the world ocean. This is the only known cephalopod mollusk, is able to live at depths of 400-1000 m in the zone with a minimal amount of oxygen dissolved in water. Hell of a vampire is the only relict and modern views of his party. The squid was first described and mistakenly attributed to the octopus in 1903 by German zoologist Karl Hoon, who studied cephalopods. The size of the infernal vampire not exceed 30 cm in dlinoi usually is about 15 cm.


Sobotkova is a family of bony fish belonging to the order Perciformes. Live in temperate and cold zones of the seas of the Northern hemisphere. Some species are objects of hunting and sport fishing. Body elongate, relatively large dimensions. Front teeth large canine. Adults reach a length of 110-144 cm and weight 20-32 kg. Rests near the shore at depths of 300-550 meters wide Has powerful jaws with teeth ugarcovici that allow you to crush the thick walls of the shells. Teeth change every year. Feed on mollusks, echinoderms, crustaceans, jellyfish and fish.


Grimpoteuthis is a genus of deep-sea octopuses. They inhabit the depths of the ocean, and were discovered in the individuals of some species even at a depth of 7 000 metres, although usually they live at a depth of from 100 to 5,000 meters. Usually in adulthood, these octopuses reach a length of 20 centimeters, but the largest ever recorded of this clan was a length of about 180 centimeters and weighed about 6 pounds.


Riftia – animal of the family of pogonophor. Inhabits the region of thermal springs of the rift zone (hence the genus name) in the Galapagos Islands (depth and 2450) and in the Eastern Pacific ocean (21° n the depth of 2620 m.). The body length of these animals reaches 1.5 m at a thickness of 4 cm, and the length of the white cylindrical tubes sticking out of them with bright red tentacles can be more than 3 m.

What dream aquarium fish
Depending on the details of the fish in the aquarium can be a wonderful omen, and to promise difficulties. To find out what dream aquarium fish, you should remember your…


Pond fish farming
Pond fish farming is an economic sector, aimed to the breeding of fast growing species of fish in specially constructed or adapted for the ponds. It also includes such things…