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Lithuanian sea Museum

Baltic sea, sandy beaches, reed beds along the shores of lakes, birch groves and pine trees among the sand dunes, which grew thanks to the tireless workers – the water and the wind. And all under the sky, the beautiful sky! I saw the Curonian spit and fell in love with this place at first sight.

It is not surprising that only from the Russian side the national Park “Curonian spit” is annually visited by about 200 thousand tourists!

When you’re on the spit, you just want to live, to live with pleasure and to enjoy every moment!

To maintain a delicate natural balance here are two national parks – one on the Russian side, the other on Lithuanian. Since 2000 the Curonian spit was inscribed on the world heritage list of UNESCO.

I was lucky enough to come here twice. The first time we went on a tour of the spit with its natural attractions and Europe’s oldest station of bird ringing (Curonian spit is located on the migration routes of birds from Northern Europe to southern and Northern Africa). The second time we drove across the spit from Zelenogradsk to Klaipeda (the shortest path -98 km on the spit – to get from Kaliningrad to Klaipeda aquarium).

But to get to the Maritime Museum and the aquarium in Klaipeda I dreamed of as a child. Unlike the Sevastopol aquarium (then the list of marine aquariums in the USSR consisted of two lines), it was possible to see not only norskecanada – the hawksbill turtle and the Caretta false, aquariums with the inhabitants of the sea depths, but with penguins and pinnipeds mammals. Moreover, when in zoos of the USSR there was not a single penguin in klaipėda (according fell into my hands at the end of 80’s Information and reference material of the Zoological parks of the Soviet Union) contained five to the Antarctic, donkey, crested, spectacled and Magellan. To be honest, I’m still not all penguin species seen, although visited a lot of zoos.

During the time while I was visiting in the Kaliningrad region, I was shown a huge number of attractions, but the most outstanding of those that have arisen due to human activity, connected with the history of acquisition of these lands by different peoples. Build palaces here was not actual, on the Baltic sea built castles and walled city.

Of course, that the system of fortifications of Koenigsberg established by the end of the nineteenth century, is a remarkable offspring of military engineering! But this whole system of FORTS, fortresses and bastions was badly damaged during the Second world war. It was inevitable. But now, after 65 years it’s a shame to see the place of many brilliant buildings of the abandoned ruins.

All this I thought in Lithuania, standing in front of the defensive fortress of the XIX century Kopgalis that is located at the Northern tip of the Curonian spit, opposite the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda. Before the Second world it was designed to protect the entrance to the Curonian lagoon and the city of Memel. During the war the Central redoubt of the fortress was blown up, so the whole building is about 30-years was not used. But, fortunately, in the 70-ies of Kopgalis remembered, and came here to major construction works.

As a result, in 1979, on the Curonian spit opened the Lithuanian Sea Museum and aquarium is the main attraction of Klaipeda.

Travel in the ramparts of the Fort Kopgalis – the entrance to the Museum

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