Lithuanian sea Museum
Baltic sea, sandy beaches, reed beds along the shores of lakes, birch groves and pine trees among the sand dunes, which grew thanks to the tireless workers - the water…

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Som. Useful properties, composition, calorific value, harm, and contraindications
European catfish or Wels catfish is among the largest fish. Sometimes reaching gigantic fish from family somovyh can attack people who get near his habitat. The catfish has an elongated…

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The REAL OWNER of the BLACK SEA WaterWorld
The most dangerous inhabitant of the Black sea The most dangerous fish in the Black sea, living in coastal areas, is sea dragon, Scorpion, or snake fish. Small fish up…

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Fishing for big catfish – great fishing

Fishing for large catfish and other big fish is a very responsible, and it should be approached with great care. All the tackle for catching big catfish must be tested several times and properly configured, otherwise none of what catch a big catfish can not keep speech.

If you even so dare to compete with large catfish . for fishing you certainly will need a sturdy rod. Easily fit the fishing rod for fishing for large sea fish or something like that, but saving is certainly not advised, otherwise the rod will break and large catfish miss. When

catching big catfish

the rod should be equipped with braided fishing line and a fairly strong hook. As the coil you’ll like the multiplier, but not cheap, and quite strong, reliable and powerful.

The best bait for large catfish is the frog or bait fish. As live bait for catfish use young Surat, sabrefish or IDE. Also works well the lure of fresh fish fillets. Sometimes big springtime catfish can be tempted even by a bundle of worms, and in autumn

biggest catfish caught

on fire smoked on the fish guts. Sometimes you can hear the history and how big catfish caught on a piece of soap, it’s not the bike, because the smell of soap, to be exact fats it izgotovleniya attracts fish.

The best time for catching big catfish this early in the morning, although sometimes it happens that catfish starts to bite well and in the evening, especially after sunset. Since som is considered to be a very cautious fish that swallows the bait very cautiously, tentatively sampled the taste of her. Therefore, when fishing for large catfish in no case do not rush your wedge, catfish sampled the taste of the bait and not obnaruzhiv anything suspicious well her swallow, that’s when it should strike. But sometimes trying to “prey”

large catfish

can be quite long, 5 to 10 minutes, here it is a lot of patience. But if the cutting is successful, the catching large catfish by 50% managed only quite time-consuming and responsible process of a fight.

After hooking a large catfish worth to tear him from the bottom, and then in any case do not put it in the bushes and snags. Actually to predict the behavior of the fish is impossible, so you should be prepared for all sorts of turns. Sometimes it may also happen that a large catfish begins to move towards the fisherman why the fishing line is slack, and then may abruptly rush in the other direction, in this case it is necessary to constantly podmotat fishing line and not let it SAG, thereby fully controlling the course of fishing for large catfish . If the catfish lay on the bottom, and to tear it does not work, you should knock something on the rod, they say that catfish do not tolerate this and most likely he will budge.

Som. Features and habits
The representative of the family somovyh. Is characterized by bare, not covered with scales body, a large head with two long antennae, a long anal fin reaching the caudal. Catfish…


Fish, types of fish and tips for beginners
Good day! Aquariums bring in our fussy life a touch of serenity and spiritual peace. The inhabitants of the aquariums calmly live my life so that didn't happen, and the…