What to do if stung by a jellyfish: the jellyfish Burn, the bite of a jellyfish, first aid
On the Black sea, of course, the jellyfish are not dangerous such as in the Mediterranean or even in the sea of Japan, no krestovnikov (sea wasp) or Portuguese ships…

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Fish ruff
In the post-Soviet space ruff rare in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Baltic States, Kazakhstan, Russia. This species, which belong to the family percidae, very widespread in all territory of the Russian…

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Aquarium fish, particularly of species for keeping in the aquarium

Someone who likes cats. someone hamsters. someone dogs. and someone passion of life – aquarium fish .

Below, we’ll tell you about what you need to consider when choosing fish for aquarium.

There are many types of aquarium fish, and they all varied in color, shape, behavior, on the one hand, and in terms of content, requirements to the features of the environment.

With the right approach at home in the aquarium to be to live and river carp. which is unpretentious to power supply and temperature, and the fish Barbus-sumatranus that needs special attention and tender care.

To properly match the different types of aquarium fish for your home aquarium, you need to consider the conditions, then you will be able to choose different types of fish that can live in similar conditions.

Cold-water fish

Cold-water aquarium fish – a large group of fish that require different conditions. Unites them is that they are ideal for operation in indoor aquarium. The water temperature in the aquarium from 14 to 25 degrees.

There are cold-water fish, which need little oxygen for life, there are those who need a lot. Those fish, which need little oxygen, can easily carry both low and relatively high temperature of the water, so these fish are ideal for beginner aquarists.

Holodnokatanye that requires a lot of oxygen, difficult to content: when water temperature is above 20 degrees it starts to lack oxygen, so the size of the aquarium for them must be greater.

But the warm-water aquarium fish don’t like temperature below 18-20 degrees, but among them there are species that thrive at temperatures of 16-17 degrees.

There are species of warmwater fish that can live in water poor in oxygen. This type of labyrinth fish, which have adaptations for breathing air.

In principle, all warm-water fish are content with the small amount of oxygen, the exceptions are cichlids and mollies vysokolikvidnye. With them, you can let the aquarium labyrinth-and cold-water fish species.

As for the cichlids and mollies vysokoprochnykh, then they require not only an abundant supply of air, but large capacity aquarium, populated by a dense vegetation.

Check-in rules of aquarium fish :

It is necessary to ensure living conditions for aquarium fish akin to natural, like in nature.

Not pereselyayte aquarium fish – this leads to exhaustion, but for you it complicates the care.

Peaceful and aggressive types of fish should not exist in the same aquarium. Enmity can arise not only with neighbors but also with their own species.

Small nimble fish should not be housed with large peaceful fish.

The aquarium should be a house for fish aquarium, where you can hide in the nooks, and space for free swim.

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