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Sea - dog- Blennius sanguinolentus
Sea-dog (Blennius sanguinolentus) - a small fish squad okuneobraznyh often found in the Black sea. This fish bites, leaving a trail like a dog bite, for which he received its…

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In the Black sea sharks dwell?

The inhabitants of the Black sea have to make room, as in the struggle for living space became illegal migrants from tropical waters. The fact that off the coast of Sevastopol are increasingly began to catch exotic fish and crabs.

While scientists are trying to figure out the causes and extent of environmental problems, children dream to see the sea in the fin of this shark. The report of the correspondent of NTV Anna Konokovo .

In the network Balaklava fishermen gets all that inhabits in the Black sea. Now, however, local fishermen say that increasingly, the net comes with one fish, but not simple, but gold, silver, or colored, that is, fish from the tropical South seas or oceans.

It’s hard to explain how warm the Bay of Balaklava are these illegal migrants, sailed tens of thousands of kilometers. Some of the guests took advantage of the ship’s hull, someone ballast water, while some get on their own.

Behind the door with a terrible inscription “quarantine” in the Sevastopol Institute of biology of the southern seas he’s living in a single aquarium American blue crab, an inhabitant of the Atlantic ocean.

While this is a female crab called Aelitas, is considered rare in the Black sea. But if migrants adapt and multiply, there will be consequences.

Sergey Khvorov, senior researcher of Institute of biology of the southern morain. A. O. Kowalski: “the Threat, of course, is that because crabs are predatory and dangerous. He swims very quickly and can displace our black sea crabs from their ecological niches”.

Mediterranean predatory Barracuda that was caught a few days ago off the coast of Sevastopol, apparently, did not tolerate the journey. It now resides at the Institute in frozen form. But tropical fish-butterfly perfectly adapted and felt in the Black sea at home.

What threatens Black and Azov seas, the invasion of uninvited guests? Scientists are trying to answer this question. Already received alarming signals, because this summer off the coast of the sea of Azov died suddenly a few tens of tons of fish. The tests showed that to blame for toxic algae listed from other seas and oceans.

Alexander Boltachev, Director of the Institute of biology of the southern seas im. A. O. Kowalski: “we are Talking about several types of toxic algae that are dangerous not only for fish. They can deliver some trouble and man. For example, these plants cause conjunctivitis”.

Tropical wonders of the Crimean fishermen belong to the Sevastopol Institute of science. Some overseas guests settle in the aquarium. Here the tourists argue about what actions should be taken, if in the Black sea starts and sharks.

Visitor: “I Want to go to sea and to see the big toothy sharks!”

Visitor: “I Think, in the Black sea sharks do not need. Suddenly people have to start?”

Tropical fishermen catch are not happy. According to them, the black sea commercial fish is now smaller, and no one knows the reasons. Perhaps she, too, went into exile.

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