What dream aquarium fish
Depending on the details of the fish in the aquarium can be a wonderful omen, and to promise difficulties. To find out what dream aquarium fish, you should remember your…

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Lithuanian sea Museum
Baltic sea, sandy beaches, reed beds along the shores of lakes, birch groves and pine trees among the sand dunes, which grew thanks to the tireless workers - the water…

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Catfish ancistrus
Catfish have a rather unusual body structure, protected by a bony plates on the head are protuberances, especially pronounced and branched in males. The mouth of these fish, also very…

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Animals from the Black and Mediterranean seas – Your underwater world

The inhabitants of these seas can withstand temperatures from 10 to 25° C. Heating tank is optional.

Sea anemones and tube worms

Anemones can be found in shallow water under rocks, on rocks or on the walls of the berths. They are attached very tightly, so release them carefully. Anemones can be transported in moist paper or foam. Feeding them chunks of earthworms or fish, not more than two times a week.

On rocks and walls piers, and tube worms live, which when touched quickly pull inside the crown tube their trap. To collect the worms need with great caution, as they are easily damaged.


Crabs in the wild can live on land. Therefore, they can be transported in a wet environment. The way they tolerate well.

A hermit crab hides its rear soft part of the body in the empty shell of shellfish. Like all crustaceans, from time to time shed its shell became close, they eventually begin to look for a more spacious shell.

Crustaceans feed on the flesh of clams, fish pieces and earthworms.

Net live snails in the aquarium, buried in the soil, purify the water and from food residues. Murex and black sea Rapana eat fish and meat shellfish. Inogda shelters can be found a small octopus. Octopus unsuitable for the detention with a common home aquarium.

For echinoderms the easiest to care-established in the aquarium. Sea urchins “graze” on the algae, eating and small animals. They can be given slices of raw potato. Sea stars feed not only algae, but the fish pieces. The brittle stars under bad conditions in the aquarium, shed their rays. Discoid star can even give the aquarium the offspring.

Seahorses — the family of marine needles — I prefer dense thickets of plants, especially algae. They are firmly sitting on plants or hunt for small animals passing by. In addition to live food, and they eat the remains of dead organisms. Males care for their offspring. Most species of sea dogs and gubana – o very unassuming and feel good in the aquarium. Sea dogs in need in shelters, and Gubanova in the evenings buried in the sand. Sea mullet and young sea swallows — schooling fish inhabiting the aquarium in the upper layers.

Coral animals of the seas

Coral reefs exist only in the warmest and cleanest seas of our planet. The lives of most animals that live there, is so closely associated with reefs, to accustom them to the conditions of the aquarium can be difficult. Only at high technical capabilities and necessary knowledge to be able to successfully keep these animals in artificial conditions. Coral fish in the aquarium are not divorced; hence, they fall into the pet stores, and from there to the tanks directly from the tropical seas. The required water temperature is on average 25° C, it should never drop below 23° C. the number of feeds can be varied. Some dry feed mixtures, prepared especially for coral fish contain all the vital substances and are readily eaten by many fish.

Types of aquarium fishes and other aquarium inhabitants
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