How to care for aquarium fish. Aquarium design and design, copyright clearance and maintenance of aquarium
Every kind of aquarium fish bred for life in certain conditions which the owner must ensure that the closed environment of the aquarium. Unless, of course, cares about their well-being…

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Fish ruff
In the post-Soviet space ruff rare in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Baltic States, Kazakhstan, Russia. This species, which belong to the family percidae, very widespread in all territory of the Russian…

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What dangerous marine life live in the Baltic sea?
My whole life floated there in full confidence that except for the broken bottles it is not dangerous, and it is learned that in Germany people got burned by jellyfish…

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Fishing : Catching predatory fish by spinning

The fly fishing is considered to be rather the sport of fishing, than Amateur. Spinning involves a number of advantages. No need to lure fish to get the bait and stick to it every time on the hook.

Before fishing, you must fathom the depth of fishing and particularly bottom. To do this, instead of pear-shaped sinker throw spinners and tap the bottom of them, remembering all the bumps and places where possible hooks. Blesnet better in places where there is a sharp drop of depths and at the bottom there are a lot of submerged logs or large stones, as that’s where he likes to ambush prey fish. Of course, in such places there is a chance of losing an expensive lure or Wobbler, but also the chance to catch big pike or walleye, too increased.


In the rivers of pike to be found in pools, quiet backwaters, she loves to arrange their Parking at the dam. In lakes it can be found overgrown with reeds along the banks and in pits cluttered. The most interesting time for pike fishing is spring and autumn. In these times it is catching on throughout the day. Summer also goes hunting mainly in early morning and late evening. As noted, he prefers pike spinning lures and crankbaits to large size. Situatsiyah that it is not necessary to pursue expensive lures. Sometimes a homemade lure will give you a lot of precious head start to crank. It is better to take the line of 0.3 millimeter or wicker.


The perch in the same areas as the pike. He prefers to hunt in a pack and going in large shoals. The spinning reel for fishing use light or ultralight. Twine diameter not more than 0.2 mm. Of baits it is best to apply grub — perch them missing more often than trolling, but gatherings with Twister more so on the jig-head is not amiss to mount an extra hook. As soon as the bloom rose, bass begin to bite all day long from early morning to late evening. And only in mid-September, the bite weakens.


This fish prefers to stay in deep places, steep clayey banks on not for the weak. To hunt out in the morning and evening, but can bite during the day. For pike-perch gear used are the same as when fishing for pike, except that used a heavier bait is required the depth and speed of flow. Special preferences of pike perch in lures was not observed. Except that I recommend using during a bad bite to try fishing on the large size of vibrohvost bright colors.


ASP, perhaps one of the most beautiful and powerful fish of the middle band. This is the only representative among predatory fish that has no teeth. Chub prefers a place with shoals, near sandbanks and KOs, where there are powerful currents and whirlpools.

He hunts in the upper layers of water, so the lure you want to use a light and keep it on top. This fish can bite different jig, but the best of them is appropriate for it, “Devon” so called spinners with blades on the nose. Usually fished on two of Devon, with divergent lobes. And to prevent twisting of the line, change them every 10-15 casts.

In the end, I should add that when fishing for any predatory fish, even fish, you need to put between the lure and the fishing line steel or nylon habits.

What to do if stung by a jellyfish: the jellyfish Burn, the bite of a jellyfish, first aid
On the Black sea, of course, the jellyfish are not dangerous such as in the Mediterranean or even in the sea of Japan, no krestovnikov (sea wasp) or Portuguese ships…


Sea catfish
Close relatives of this fish, mostly inhabiting African waters, of the ancient Egyptians was considered something of a fish of the gods that protect fish from getting into your network:…