How to care for aquarium fish. Aquarium design and design, copyright clearance and maintenance of aquarium
Every kind of aquarium fish bred for life in certain conditions which the owner must ensure that the closed environment of the aquarium. Unless, of course, cares about their well-being…

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What dangerous marine life live in the Baltic sea?
My whole life floated there in full confidence that except for the broken bottles it is not dangerous, and it is learned that in Germany people got burned by jellyfish…

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Seahorse, lifestyle, reproduction
Seahorse In tropical, subtropical and temperate seas there are wonderful animals seahorses. It belongs to the class of bony fish. But looking at it, is it going to say? This…

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The REAL OWNER of the BLACK SEA WaterWorld

The most dangerous inhabitant of the Black sea

The most dangerous fish in the Black sea, living in coastal areas, is sea dragon, Scorpion, or snake fish. Small fish up to 30 cm long, with elongated body. Coloration yellowish with stripes sides. Bottom-dwelling fish. Buries itself in the ground. Sticking out only the head and dorsal spines full of venom gland.

I do not advise to touch. The poison of these fish causes extreme pain, inflammation, cramps. The symptoms of poisoning by this fish is similar to the Viper bite. If immediately not to accept corresponding treatment, it is possible serious complication, including paralysis of the limbs, loss of consciousness, speech, and in some cases — death.

The Scorpion, or marine fish, is from a family of numerous groupers. But the bogeyman. Big knobby head, on body brown spots and growths. Barbed needles full of poisonous glands. Symptoms of poisoning are similar to the sea dragon. Deaths but is not fixed yet.

The ear of this fish is magnificent, but to cook it, pre-cutting the fins. But it can do only those who are engaged in extreme sports.

Dangerous fish include the sting ray or sea cat. Usually he lay in shallow water, buried in the sand, podkaraulivaya prey himself, almost invisible to humans. When bathing it is necessary to look under feet. But if it is disturbed, defensively, he moietmavieana to hit serrated spike and cause severe injury. In addition, the cleat features a strong poison, so the wound from the blow may be added potent poisoning, then there are severe pain, respiratory failure and even loss of consciousness. In some cases, when hit in the chest, in the region of the heart, the person dies.

Furious scat wound gets very painful and may even penetrate rubber boots. I was a witness of scat its thorn boots struck the fisherman in the canoe, where he was sorting fish, the foot swelled, turned white. We cut the boots and dragged him from his feet. The doctors barely saved his leg and maybe life. However, not all ends well. The death of Australian TV presenter Steve Irwin, who died from the kick of a thorn the slope, showed once again that the carelessness, the arrogance of man into an alien, a wild underwater world of nature can have severe consequences. Completely safe can only be fishing in the Volga Delta.

Black sea Stargazer got its name from the eyes, located above and contiguous among themselves, which are constantly built as if to the sky.

Occurs in the coastal zone, usually along the banks of the Mediterranean on muddy or sandy bottom, sometimes burrowing into his eyes.

Preys on small fish, crabs, shellfish, worms, motionless waiting for prey, ventured closer to her.

Body fusiform, reaching 20-35 cm in length.

Has poisonous spines on the pectoral fins behind the Gill covers, are a danger to swimmers.

However, there are even more terrible invisible killer water which gradually flooded the entire World ocean is the jellyfish.

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