In the Black sea sharks dwell?
The inhabitants of the Black sea have to make room, as in the struggle for living space became illegal migrants from tropical waters. The fact that off the coast of…

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Eat the fish of the sea: benefits for marine fish
Now we eat too many so-called omega-6 fats at the expense of omega-3. Without going into details, say that to improve the situation is possible by increasing the consumption of…

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The underwater world of the red sea
The underwater world of the red sea The red sea is a unique tropical sea with a variety in size and beauty the representatives of the underwater world. Its uniqueness…

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Aquarium Veiltail (goldfish): maintenance, compatibility, breeding and reproduction of veiltail

The veiltail is one of the favorite fishes of hobbyists. They are content with any food, not too demanding in terms of content, calm and beautiful. With good care goldfish live up to 20 years.

It is most convenient to keep them in a species aquarium with a thick layer of coarse soil. Small pellets of soil will settle on vegetation: a veiltail like to dig at the bottom. For decoration you can use pebble: fish about it will not hurt. Volume of the aquarium is calculated by the size of vualehvostki. Because their size can reach 20 cm, the tank should be at least 100 cm water layer thickness up to 30 cm goldfish are peaceful, get along well with quiet neighbors. Source: Valuehost

The water temperature in the aquarium can vary depending on the time of year, the average is 20-21 °C; pH should be maintained at 7, dH – 8 to 18 °C.

In the aquarium veiltail required intensive aeration and a daily substitution of 10% of water – these fish need high oxygen content in the water. Aeration can be replaced daily by substitution of one third volume of water, doubling the level of its height in the aquarium, it is desirable to transfer the fish into a bigger tank and filter.

Reproduction of the veiltail in the home

Breeding Veiltail

Nenastoychivost takes place in generally the same way as other Karpovich. The fish begin to spawn at about one year of age. During this period they should be deposited in spawning capacity from 100 liters and 80 cm in length, the water level should be 20-25 cm In the aquarium should be sandy soil, laid at an angle to one side, spawning bars, a couple of sprays and a bunch of plants with small leaves. It is important to maintain the temperature at the same level in the range of 24-25 °C, since the oscillations with an amplitude of 5 °C can destroy the eggs.

Put in spawning one female of age 2-3 years and two-three males. The female should be kept separately for several weeks. Her readiness to spawn are easy to identify by the thick belly; on the operculum of the male spawning noticeable rash. The female lays eggs in the morning, usually with the first rays of the sun, up to 10 thousand eggs at a time. Source: Valuehost

The incubation period lasts 2-4 days, the fry appear within 5 days. They need to be fed live dust – fine, sifted through a sieve plankton. Traditional starting food – infusoria, rotifers, Artemia. a couple of weeks the grown veiltail time to translate into small Cyclops.

Adults love fish variety: live feed can be supplemented with a variety of pellets, flakes, algae. The veiltail gluttonous, not to overfeed them, otherwise they will be fat

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