Breeding carp in the garden pond - Small neighbours - All about country - SNT Topolek
Everything about the cottage Carp is one of the most popular fish among anglers. In natural conditions it lives in lakes, rivers and bogs almost throughout Russia. But carp can…

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In the Black sea sharks dwell?
The inhabitants of the Black sea have to make room, as in the struggle for living space became illegal migrants from tropical waters. The fact that off the coast of…

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In the Black sea sharks dwell?
The inhabitants of the Black sea have to make room, as in the struggle for living space became illegal migrants from tropical waters. The fact that off the coast of…

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Types of aquarium fish

The aquarium can be not only house for your Pets, but also a chic addition to the design of your apartment. In addition to a variety of aquatic plants and attractive accessories, the main decoration can be choose aquarium fish. You need to carefully study the description of existing types of aquarium fish and to purchase any Pets. And we will try to help you with this.

Types of aquarium fish are many, let’s look at the most popular and common ones.

Peaceful species of aquarium fish

The most popular view peaceful aquarium fish are guppies . These are very undemanding fish are the perfect Pets for beginning aquarists. Guppies come in a wide variety of colors, undemanding in matters of food and detention conditions. These fish are viviparous.

Also very common to fish such as neon . They feed mostly live food, but equally willing to eat dry and frozen foods. Neons come in several varieties: black, red, blue and ordinary. These fish are very friendly and agile, for their content will fit any aquarium.

Lovely neighbours for the neons will become similar to them in terms of nutrition and content of cardinals .

Very popular among aquarists the angelfish . But beginners in this case it is better to start with simpler fish. The fact that angelfish are very demanding in terms of care, nutrition, and akvariumom need not small in size. But if you are not afraid of difficulties and have the opportunity to purchase the correct size aquarium – angelfish will give you a lot of positive emotions, because it is a very beautiful fish with a rather unusual body shape.

The common aquarium inhabitants become goldfish . Among the most well-known types of aquarium goldfish species such as the telescope, red cap, ordinary gold fish. In terms of content, they are quite undemanding, omnivorous. Goldfish grow quite large sizes, so they need a larger aquarium. Assume that, for example, 4 fish requires an aquarium with a volume of 60 liters.

Species of live-bearing aquarium fish

In addition to the viviparous guppy aquarium fish include the following species:

These are the most common representatives. These fish are also not demanding in terms of content and almost omnivorous. In addition, there is a rich choice of variations in various colors and sizes.

Types of small aquarium fish

There are little fishes, no bigger than two centimeters. For example, Killi-fish, tongariki lampriht, rice fish, etc. But as aquarium fish they are extremely rare, as their conditions are quite specific.

Types of labyrinth fish aquarium

The most popular species of labyrinth fish are the males, a dwarf gourami and makropody . All these fish co-exist without problems with the most peaceful aquarium fish and undemanding in maintenance. Labyrinth fish can breathe atmospheric air and, in addition, are exemplary parents.

Types of carnivorous aquarium fish

The most common predatory aquarium fish include:




armoured pike;

Indian spotted the knife.

Predatory fish, especially if they are large, will bring an aquarium of exotic and entertainment. Just not worth it as neighbors to bring them peaceful fish if you don’t want, of course, check out the hunting instinct of predators in action.

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