Pond fish farming
Pond fish farming is an economic sector, aimed to the breeding of fast growing species of fish in specially constructed or adapted for the ponds. It also includes such things…

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Aquarium fish: gourami guppies to aquarium to Your Garden
Pets decorate our life, make it more diverse. Very popular are the aquarium fish. Indeed, the aquarium is the spectacular decoration of any home, besides fish do not require as…

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The most expensive aquarium fish in the world
The most expensive aquarium fish in the world, perhaps, is – a rare platinum arowanas. This 40 centimeter graceful establishment is owned by the Singapore breeder Aro Dynasty. But why…

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Som. Useful properties, composition, calorific value, harm, and contraindications

European catfish or Wels catfish is among the largest fish. Sometimes reaching gigantic fish from family somovyh can attack people who get near his habitat.

The catfish has an elongated body shape and a brownish-green color, his head is rather large, the mouth has many small and sharp teeth and upper jaw are long whiskers.

Catfish coloring may be different and it depends on where com. It varies from almost black to light yellow and, in rare cases, the fishermen even caught catfish-albino.

Som is a true survivor among fish – it can reach the age of one hundred years. However, on average, soma live approximately fifteen to twenty years the Maximum length of a catfish – five meters, and weighs over three hundred pounds. Much more often an individual weighing 60-80 pounds.

Som is widely distributed in almost all the rivers and lakes on the territory of the European part of the Russian Federation, as well as all over Europe. The only exception is the basin of the Arctic ocean. Sometimes catfish can be found in the Caspian, Black, Aral, and Azov seas.

There is a misconception that catfish is a fish that prefers to eat spoiled food, and matvievskii inhabitants. Although, actually, the basis of the diet of a catfish consists of fish, small representatives of the crustaceans, and various marine insects. Growing up, catfish begins to feed on molluscs, live fish, and small freshwater animals. In addition, large specimens of catfish occasionally attack small animals and waterfowl. Known and such cases, when giant catfish eating people.

In the lower reaches of the Volga river, and in rivers within the basin of the Azov sea sock is an important commercial fish. Fresh catfish has a lot of advantages, the main of which is the lack of scales on his skin, and the absence of bones in the meat. So before cooking catfish accurately enough to separate from the body soma his fins and head, and then disembowel the abdomen and cut into the required number of parts. And in order to eliminate the peculiar smell of the mud, peculiar to the soma, is necessary to sustain fish meat in lemon juice for twenty or thirty minutes, or in milk within a few hours. Fat is the most caudal part of the soma – ples – it is often used for cooking ham and pie fillings. Head soma is ideal for preparing delicious fish soup, but from his body you can cook a variety of dishes – goulash, burgers, kebabs and much more. Due to the fact that catfish meat has a delicate and slightly sweet taste, highly valued by leading chefs from different countries, including France, Russia and Ukraine.

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