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Varieties sea fishing

Most people who vacation on a yacht, boat or boat, I love fishing. And it is one of the most popular activities. In most bodies of water are just incredible numbers of fish, both large and small, squid, shrimp and shellfish.

You can fish in a lot of ways: from shore, boat, and underwater.

For sea fishing from the shore – rocks, rocks, live marine life, and the best time is at night.

Of course, with fishing boats, the fisherman barks much more possibilities to catch a treasured fish.

Most boats that are specifically designed for catching large fish in the sea, very well equipped, which greatly facilitates the search for fish. You can go fishing for a day on the boat or to travel for many days on a luxury yacht, along the way, fishing in inland places.

What are the ways of sea fishing ?

The most common method – jigging or vertical trolling in the open sea. Experienced fishermen are recommended to use fish finder, and GPS receiver.

Equally popular sea fishing on spinning . If You are fishing on a spinning in the open sea, you need to use the powerful inertialess coil. Primenenie allow to sink to desired depth, and then have to reel the woods on the coil. This is done to ensure that the movement of the lure to simulate the movement of fish.

Another great way is drifting.

This is, in fact, fishing from a drifting boat. The motor can be enabled, but only so that it barely moved forward. The most important parameter when drifting is the speed of the boat moving against the tide. If the wind and tide in the same direction, the boat will drift too fast, and it will affect the outcome of fishing. In this case, the boat speed can be reduced with the use of a sea anchor.

A third popular method is trolling.

It is a way of fishing that is done from a moving boat, giving the angler the opportunity to cover a sufficiently wide Maritime space. Also, it takes the bait as natural as possible. The speed of the boat and the weight of the sinkers can be selected so that the bait was desired and preferred desired fish depth.

Quite an interesting way of going deep-sea fishing − fly fishing. Technique of throwing virtually weightless artificial fly, of course, requires serious skills, but because the fishermen, this method is almost “aerobatics”.

In this case, all the gear must match the type of fish You plan to catch.

And, of course, can not be said about the bottom fishing. It is then, when the boat firmly anchored, and, in a small place. During this fishing bait is lowered directly to the seabed and kept there with the use of sinkers. This way you catch the biggest fish that seek food on the bottom (for example, stingrays, halibut and so on).

Clean and warm sea − in itself, already an excellent prerequisite for successful underwater fishing.

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