The REAL OWNER of the BLACK SEA WaterWorld
The most dangerous inhabitant of the Black sea The most dangerous fish in the Black sea, living in coastal areas, is sea dragon, Scorpion, or snake fish. Small fish up…

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Seahorse, lifestyle, reproduction
Seahorse In tropical, subtropical and temperate seas there are wonderful animals seahorses. It belongs to the class of bony fish. But looking at it, is it going to say? This…

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The content of aquarium fish
Our fish is infinitely the most ancient category of vertebrates cold-blooded animals. Their differences shakes – about 20 thousand species. Previously they were not prepared for existence in the aquarium.…

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TYPES of AQUARIUM FISH – South-market – online shop – simply comfortable!

Ornamental fish the distant past – the inhabitants of tropical rivers. Their breeding began in Ancient Egypt, and the number of species of aquarium fish has hundreds and hundreds, because the only species of fifty units! Among this variety is the most diverse and variegated fish, and of course, there are the most loved by aquarists, the popular and quite rare instances.

When buying fishes for aquarium always pay attention to their behavior and appearance. In healthy fish characterized by their bright sight paint, body without spots and damages, the fins are transparent and the abdomen firm and swollen.It is recommended to choose young birds because they will be easier to get used to the new housing and new neighbors-fishes.

There are two major groups of ornamental fishes, distinguished by their method of reproduction: ikromechuschie (lay eggs, from which after a time there fry) and viviparous (give birth to live fry).

Viviparous ornamental fish.

For those who only begins the way of the underwater Explorer “at home” is recommended as the initial stage to have colorful guppies. This species is very common and will cost you quite inexpensive. For a small aquarium (50 liters) would be enough for twenty such fish.

Targetstate effectively in the aquarium will look black mollies (over ten Grand). But these fish are demanding to the aquatic environment: temperature and composition for them very much.

10-15 platies will make Your aquarium a work of art for its vivid colors. They come in brindle, red, “calico”… Very advantageous will look red platys.

All these species have similar habits and conditions because are viviparous.

Ikromechuschie ornamental fish.

A very popular species – the Sumatran barbs, these fish striped nimble and fun. You can populate them in a small aquarium in the amount of 10-15 pieces. Mossy barbs and dark green will become a true decoration of Your aquarium.

Small striped Zebra Danio – very unpretentious ornamental fish and easy to care for. Also very popular aquarium fish – cardinals.

One of the favorite species of aquarium fish are angelfish – they are quite large, very beautiful and also belong to ikromechuschie.

Extremely beautiful – neons (red, blue, common). Despite the fact that these fish small in size, they will decorate any aquarium . However, these individuals are quite expensive.

Any fish can get along with catfish. These fish will take its place at the bottom, and will carry out not only decorative function, but also do useful work: to get out of the ground the remains of settled food. There are different types: spotted catfish, Golden, green. And the catfish-ancistrus still clears its suction Cup aquarium walls of algae and plaque.

Try not to buy many types of aquarium fish. Evenly fill the living space of the tank, so between them there is a fight for territory.

What to do if stung by a jellyfish: the jellyfish Burn, the bite of a jellyfish, first aid
On the Black sea, of course, the jellyfish are not dangerous such as in the Mediterranean or even in the sea of Japan, no krestovnikov (sea wasp) or Portuguese ships…


Sea catfish
Close relatives of this fish, mostly inhabiting African waters, of the ancient Egyptians was considered something of a fish of the gods that protect fish from getting into your network:…