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How to care for a marine aquarium?

Installation of an aquarium in the house – the process is quite time consuming, but with effort, you will soon be able to admire beautiful fish. All aquariums can be divided into two types (depending on the water that is in them) – fresh and marine.

To determine for yourself what your aquarium you should install, start thinking about what fish will inhabit. Some species of fish simply cannot exist in fresh water and die. If the inhabitants of your home the sea will become bright exotic fish, then most likely you should get an aquarium with sea water.

Preparation of water for marine aquarium is no different from preparation for fresh water. Water needs to stand for from two to seven days, remove chlorine, ammonia and other harmful chemical compounds. Then diluted in water salt. Better to buy one that is designed specially for aquariums. This salt is sold in every pet store and has a manual.

In order to understand how to contain a saltwater aquarium, you need to understand that there are some requirements that are, undoubtedly need to be addressed.

Fish who are used to sea water, like the space, so they should choose a more long pools, with one fish of medium size, should account for about 25 liters of water.

During the preparation of the aquarium tank it is better to wash without primeneniya funds – instead, it is better to use the dichloride. Before pouring water, prepare the ground and items that will be in the aquarium.

If you plan to install synthetic plants or houses for the fish, great attention is paid to how these items react to salt water if they come into chemical reaction with the sea water immediately discard them, because harmful substances can lead to the death of fish.

Also before filling the tank with water make sure about the lighting. Then you can fill the aquarium stand salt water, but do not let the aquarium fish.

Water in a marine aquarium should stand still during the month – this period is necessary to ensure that the aquarium environment is completely turned into a sea. When this period passes, gradually run in a fish aquarium, but no more than two types per week.

Any aquarium maintenance. How to care for a marine aquarium?

Yes exactly the same as for fresh: make sure that the aquarium has always been a desired level of water, change water once a week, approximately 20 %, clean the walls of the aquarium (once a week), keep clean filters in the aquarium. All the time check the water temperature – it should be between 22-27 degrees.

Subject to the fulfillment of these requirements, your fish will please your eyes every day!

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