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Sea – dog- Blennius sanguinolentus

Sea-dog (Blennius sanguinolentus) – a small fish squad okuneobraznyh often found in the Black sea. This fish bites, leaving a trail like a dog bite, for which he received its name. Males usually more than females. I love to fight and are known for their great voracity. At shallow depths in the coastal zone of the Black sea sea-dog inhabits the space, almost under every big stone at the bottom, where the algae looking for food. The interesting fact is that in Crimea this little fish is called a sea dog . and on the Caucasian coast of the Black sea – a sea cow .

The body of sea dogs glabrous, fusiform, covered with a thick layer of mucus. On the fins of the fish are small spikes. Dorsal fin rather long, it is composed of flexible spines and soft rays. Soft and spiny part of dorsal fin equal in length. The anal fin is also long, it corresponds to the soft part of the dorsal. Caudal fin separate from dorsal. A pair of pelvic fins located near the throat, each ventral fin blennies has hidden in the skin prickle. The profile line of the head of the sea dogs on top in the form of a gentle arc, without a steep fall ahead of the eyes. Teeth on its jaws are weak, closely arranged in a single row in the form of a comb, rear subiendo curved and greatly enlarged in the form of fangs. Body colour blennies . usually, brown or greenish-brown to olive, and some subspecies occurs and variegated coloring. Sea-dog eats normally, crustaceans, organic debris, a variety of shellfish, other fish eggs, worms. This is territorial fish, they do not sail far from the selected stone, stand on the side of the stone and can sit for a long time.

To fish up a sea dog is not difficult almost any time of the year. But of particular interest to fishermen it is not, because of its small size, though the meat blennies can be applied in food.

For keeping in aquarium good little sea-dog-Sphinx (Blennius sphinx) . really gets along well with other peaceful fish of the black sea basin. Its length is only 4-5 inches, so the content will need a small aquarium, or sea-dog-Sphinx will be a great addition Krasnovidovo aquarium. Ordinary blennies get along very well in Alushta aquarium with close Sea Dogs-Peacocks (Blennius pavo) . who have a more colorful painting.

Sea-dog (Blennius sanguinolentus) in length not exceeding 20 cm in natural conditions in aquariums its no bigger than 15 centimeters.

Spawning of sea dogs occurs from April to July. The clutch of eggs is carried out on coastal rocks on the lower side, or in empty mollusk shells. Egg development occurs within two to three weeks, the male guards her. Larvae and fry are pelagic lifestyle.


Black, Mediterranean, Adriatic, sea of Marmara, and the Bosphorus.

Content in Alushta Aquarium:

The temperature required for sea dogs . must be 14 to 20 degrees Celsius, and salinity to 22-22,5 ppm. Abundant desirable filtration and aeration of water, periodic water change for a new one. The bottom of the aquarium should be decorated with large and medium size stones, preferably with live vegetation and a variety of algae. The food is very suitable small fish and crustaceans can also be fed dry and frozen foods.

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