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The most unusual inhabitants of the deep sea

Eerie inhabitants of the deep sea: 6 of the most unusual animals

Man seeks in outer space, despite the fact that our planet is studied very little. In any case, the oceans are Terra Incognita for scientists who have examined, in beam case, ten percent of the surface waters of the Oceans.

Fish-the Viper

Funny name, isn’t it? Found this fish at a depth of about 800-1600 meters from the surface. This fish is equipped with luminous bodies that help to find the way in the complete darkness of the deep ocean floor.

The majority of members of the species completely transparent. Also these fish eyes are increased, in order to collect the maximum amount of sunlight.

Well, looks like the fish is not particularly pleasant.


The Latin species name is Anoplogaster cornuta, this fish lives very deeply, and looks not very nice.

Sabertooth got its name, which is logical, due to the teeth on the upper and lower jaw. Teeth very Veliki.

Eating fish that settles from the upper layers of the ocean. Well and living everywhere – from tropical regions to pobrezgovali.


This fish in Latin is called so – Grammatostomias flagellibarba. Fish-dragon is a predator that is very dangerous for small organisms. The fact that the fish has a special stalk that glows in the dark.

Needless to say, the light is attracted to different things (himself a predator, too small size), which sends in the mouth, once the victim approach. It should be noted that fish-dragon is able to “play” with his light lure that attracts a large number of any unsuspecting deep-sea fans of the world.

The fish lives at a depth of about a mile.


There are two fish called “monkfish”. To avoid confusion, remember the Latin name of the species, about which here goes the speech: Melanocetus johnsoni.

This fish lives very deep in the ocean, deeper than the fish described above. The fish is quite large, it can easily swallow a basketball, thanks to his own size and the size of his huge mouth, “embellished”, sharp teeth.

Like the previous representative deep sea creatures, this fish uses its light organ to attract the victims.

An interesting fact is that males of this species are much smaller than females, and males differ from each other in appearance, and, sometimes, quite significantly.

Males are about the size of a human finger, while the females are quite large, about it was discussed above.


Looking at this fish (lat. the name Eurypharynx pelecanoides), just understand why it got its name. This is one of the stranger sea creatures.

The fact that the fish, due to such a huge mouth that can swallow prey that is even larger than himself bollerot. The last body is stretched, and the production is almost entirely comes into the stomach bollerot.

Needless to say, after some time, the prey dies from lack of oxygen. And then begins the digestive process, which can last a very long time.

The fish live at depths from half up to 2.5 kilometers.

Giant isopod

This is the largest of Isopoda in the world, Bathynomus giganteus. She is a close relative of the wood lice which are found in damp places.

Only live this of Isopoda on the bottom of the ocean, where he finds his food, digging into the bottom sediments.

And Yes, this animal is a living fossil, it has remained virtually unchanged, having gone through several geological periods.

These isopods live on the ocean floor, at depths of about a mile.

Fish Karelia White sea Karelia
The beauty and pride of Karelia, the White sea, many Russian regions can boast a private sea. Let a small 90 sq m, not 340-60 meters deep, it is still…


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